Posted on 25 Feb 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report - February 13 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

So it's the start of a new fitfarms weight loss retreat and the second ever week here in the Cotswolds! This week our lucky clients will get the pleasure of staying in the beautifully converted stables of Grittleton house. After myself and Dan return from Bristol train station all 18 clients have arrived and are raring to go! The ladies have had a brief tour of the Fitfarms site, settled into their rooms, and studied the sports studio, which I'm sure they'll love soon enough!

Next up is put welcome talk, led by instructor Andy. Here we break down what the ladies can expect from the week ahead and some nervous faces start to relax. Once all questions have been answered and everyone's feeling more comfortable it's time for dinner! Lynney has cooked up some stuffed peppers with bolognese which goes down well. Lynney is always trying new recipes to keep the meals exciting here at Fitfarms, most clients can't believe how tasty the food really is and often take recipes home to try themselves. After dinner the clients have some free time to get to know each other and the team, we feel this is important for most as they feel more comfortable with each other to kick start a busy Saturday!! For now it's time for some rest ready for early morning measurements and the fun to begin!

Image Credit: OurHealthyLifestyleJourney

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