Posted on 13 Feb 2015

Weight Loss Camp Day Activities Report by Andy - 13 Feb 2015

So this morning was definitely a shock to the system, coldest one we have had at FitFarms for a long time. Dan and Helen took the new recruits across to the studio for their measurements at 6:20, then they were free until 7:30 when we had our first workshop. For those that have been before this is the workshop that we used to do on a Friday evening after dinner, it is an opportunity for us the instructors and the rest of the group to find out what brings each client to FitFarms, it's also a good chance for them to find out what they have let themselves in for! ;-).

Following this workshop we have breakfast and then the exercise begins, today is a real shock to the system and once the exercise starts it's about 8 hours in total before it stops again. It is a tough experience but as has been proven countless times by some of the most unfit or unable people that we have had on this course, the realisation of how much their bodies are still actually capable of is amazing and the sense of achievement at the end of our first day, I believe, is what motivates people to see this thing through. This week is a mixed group with some returners and a number of couples. The latter is unusual for us but certainly seems to be a positive thing, already and a strong bond and camaraderie have begun to develop.

It has been a pretty successful start to the first week of the new working year year today but now it's time to get some rest ready for tomorrow so from all the team at FitFarms we'd like to wish this group the best of luck in making positive changes for 2015 starting....... NOW!

Andy Baker

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