Posted on 27 Jan 2024

Warming Up and Stretching At FitFarms Weight Loss Camp

Weight Loss Camp Warm Up And Stretch

Stretching is a vital part of exercising and is often forgotten about or not done properly. This can lead to joint pains, muscle damage and strains which is why knowing when and how to stretch is so important before you start exercising.

So, when’s the best time to stretch? You should always stretch when your muscles are warm, so after your workout or warm up. You shouldn’t stretch before your warm up as it can impact your bodies performance while working out or exercising and is less likely to prevent you from injury. Alongside this you should refrain from stretching if you have muscle strains, nerve injuries/damage, ligament sprains or any sharp consistent pain.

Stretching comes with so many benefits rather than just preventing injury. It’ll improve your performance in physical activity, as stretching helps your joints move to their full range it’ll increase your motion within your joints, therefore increasing your ability to move freely and to your full range.

One of our favourite articles for warming up and stretching is the Harvard Medical School.

Stretching also helps your muscles work most effectively, and by stretching often you’ll see an improvement in your ability to perform in daily tasks and activities, showing an overall health benefit. This works by improving your blood circulation, leading to better posture, flexibility, balance and decreasing factors like back pain.

Warming up is also a vital part of exercising, it helps your body prepare for aerobic exercise. Mainly it will increase your heart rate and blood flow which enables oxygen to reach all your muscles. On top of this warming up also increases your flexibility during physical activity, lowers risks of injury and improves your overall performance.

Forgetting to warm up can not only cause short term injury but also long term. This can prevent you from participating in exercise and put off your weight loss and fitness journey. Ultimately holding you back from your goals and targets which is why the team at FitFarms weight loss camp we spend lots of time going through all the different warm up and stretching techniques.. We have specialised stretching classes where we will teach you the step-by-step best ways to stretch which is important knowledge to take away with you. There are no classes at FitFarms where we don’t highlight the importance of warm ups and stretching and applying this at home is as important as the exercise itself.

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