Posted on 18 Oct 2014

Training for a Half Marathon

If you have decided to run a half marathon you are obviously ready for a challenge. This is an accomplishment only a small part of the world’s population has achieved. Congratulations you are about to become one of them.

Motivation is of huge importance, but building stamina and maintaining that motivation is essential. Set yourself goals, how long do you have to train for the event? Your goals need to be realistic and attainable in order to avoid injury and disappointment. Fartlek training is one such of the training styles we use at FitFarms weight loss camp; we do discover that some of our guests are planning to run a half marathon in the future.

Fartlek is a system of difference types of running, from sprinting to jogging. Targets are set with landmarks. Short sprints are used to push the body to gain stamina and endurance. This is an alternated with jogging in order to achieve some recovery time. At each stage of the running set a landmark target. At each training session aim to set the landmarks further apart.

Ok so you’ve set yourself goals. The type of training you undertake will already enabled you to set yourself the goals you need to gain fitness and motivate you to your achievement. How much time do you have before the marathon event? Recovery time is just as important as training time to avoid injury. Balance the training/recovery time, ensure your nutritional levels are adequate for the task, and choose the correct footwear. Steadily increase the mileage you cover during your training sessions, try and aim for your longest run to exceed the required length of the half marathon. Imagine the mental advantage of being capable of exceeding the marathon length on the big day. Ease off the training in the weeks approaching the run to give your body time to recover. Good luck.


Health and Fitness Advice by FitFarms Editorial Team

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