Posted on 9 Oct 2014

Tips for Sticking to Exercise

The key to sticking to exercise is being realistic with your expectations. Start off with small changes and then expend on them. If you’re a beginner to exercise then aim for 10 minutes each time you exercise for the first week, 15 minutes the following week and so on. Vary the type of exercise you undertake to work the different muscle groups.

What you like to achieve with your exercise programme? Would you like to make improvements to your level of fitness or do you aim to run a half marathon. Whatever you want to achieve staying motivated is the hardest thing. However, set yourself realistic targets and each time you reach that target reward yourself and then set the next target. If you’re training for a half marathon break the training sessions down into groups of weeks such as week 1 to 3 be able to run for specific distance, and weeks 4 to 6 increase the distance run and decrease the recovery period in each session.

It’s important that you enjoy the training or exercise you’ve undertaken, if you’re not why not try something different such as a team sport. You are more likely to stick to an exercise programme if you enjoy it. As a reminder how far you’ve come in improving your fitness level why not keep an exercise diary. In your diary keep a note of the exercise you’ve set out to achieve, did you achieve it and how did you feel at the end of the session. Look back at week 1 and how did you feel after 10 minutes of exercise compared with week 4 and 30 minutes of exercise. What a great way to stay motivated.


Health and Fitness Advice by FitFarms Fitness and Editorial Team

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