Posted on 4 Oct 2023

Tips On Weight Loss From The FitFarms Retreat

Water at FitFarms Weight Loss retreat

3 tips to keep in mind when targeting weight loss

1) Water Intake

Usually, when people start off there weight loss journey they’ll focus on exercise and diet. Which of course are key factors of weight loss, but it is as important to prioritise as your water intake.

The amount of water you consume each day is vital, and comes with so many benefits when trying to lose weight. Drinking the right amount of water helps us burn calories, reduce cravings, prevent bloating and help you when exercising.

So how much water should you be drinking per day? The recommended amount is anywhere between 2.5-3.5 litres per day depending on weight and gender.

Prioritizing factoring in the right water intake into your everyday life will make your weight loss so much more easy and successful. Alongside the tones of health benefits that come with it such as improved sleep, memory, mood and energy levels.

2) Effect of hormones

Hormones are directly effected through weight change. They help regulate our appetite and energy levels within our body. Which is why its so important to focus on your diet as well as the exercise side of weight loss. With a balanced diet, with the right amount of protein and healthy fats, your body will regulate energy and appetite more efficiently which is the key difference in making your weight loss sustainable.

A unbalanced diet will lead your hormones being unbalanced, which won’t only lead to a drop in energy levels but could also lead to health issues such as diabetes, weight gain and infertility amongst other issues. Which is why its so important to make a diet and exercise plan before starting your weight loss journey so you can reach all your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

3) BMI and measurement

Although still being used by many to track weight loss, BMI isn’t the right way to track how your weight loss is going.

BMI doesn’t measure in key factors of weight loss, muscle weight being the key factor. Muscle weighs more than fat and when increasing exercise your likely to put on muscle weight replacing the fat you’ve lost. Which would increase your BMI and the number on the scales, although you haven’t actually put on any fat at all. Not giving you a accurate representation of your weight loss or progress.

Alongside muscle weight, BMI doesn’t factor in age, gender or body frame as everyone carries weight differently. Instead at FitFarms we measure your body fat percentage which gives you an accurate measurement of your health and progress you’ve made. Measuring body fat can also show you certain health conditions you may be more at risk to which BMI doesn’t as accurately.

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