Posted on 19 Nov 2017

The Plank Technique Exercise

Today we are down at the Weight Loss Retreat Dorset. Rebecca and Andy are taking some time out of the busy weight loss retreat schedule to give you the FitFarms top tips on the plank exercise. Rebecca is doing the voice over and Andy the Weight Loss Retreat health manager is demonstrating the plank position.

Start in the ground position with your hips and elbows resting on the floor making sure that your elbows and feet are exactly shoulder width apart. The you simply brace the core with your toes tucked in lift your self of the floor by pressing down with your elbows and pushing up from your toes. The points to look out for is to to keep your back and glutes flat with your head down.

When you start this exercise make sure you set yourself a short time like twenty seconds and as it becomes easier lengthen the time up to a minute. Please remember that in all exercises good technique is better than a heavy load or a longer time. Once you've mastered the technique you increase the intensity and not before as you may cause an injury and also you will not benefit as much as you should from the exercise.

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