Posted on 9 May 2016

The Future of FitFarms

So here's the plan... FitFarms wants to be more! More than just a 7 day retreat, more than just a chance to lose weight or learn about nutrition, I can honestly say there are lots of camps and trainers out there that probably achieve much greater results than we do, that can boast bigger fat, weight loss and inch loss. Which ever camp, gym, class or trainer you look at their clients sing about what a great experience it was or how much they enjoyed their training and sessions. In my mind whilst this may not be the only factor, it seems like a consistent one. So FitFarms wants to focus on the continued improvement and success of their clients! With this in mind we are looking into updating and improving our post course support and providing one to one follow up for our members. Our members area will have both generic routines and exercise library's as well as a constantly updated list of useful information, recipes and articles that we feel fall in line with the approach we want to take. We will do our upmost to deliver an on going service to our members to make sure they feel the benefit of working with us.

This year we hope to make some significant changes in this respect, starting with the current members area and course follow up. Updating the members area with an extensive exercise library, some generic routines and programs and all the current recipes as well as useful links and contact details for all the on-site and support staff involved in our program. The course follow up is currently available contact 24/7 with any of the on site staff from your course, this is to be improved by scheduling follow up phone calls and target setting reviews. Obviously these will be available to all but the option will be given at the end of your course and follow up calls etc will not be mandatory or made without prior agreement.

As I said FitFarms wants to be more, this year we will be busy making these changes happen and we are always happy to hear suggestions or feedback so if you have any ideas please feel free to get in touch.

Andy Baker

Special blog post editorial from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

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