Posted on 2 Jun 2015

The FitFarms Holistic Weight Loss Boot Camp

Here at FitFarms holistic weight loss camp we try and give the guests as much variety in their exercise regime as possible. We run our FitFarms weight loss camps for durations of two night courses which give a quick taster. Then our mid courses which are three, four or even five days in length. These courses give a real life changing experience to our guests. However the most popular weight loss retreat we run is the award winning 7 night programme. This course takes guests through the whole process of nutrition, exercise and behaviour therapy where we concentrate on changing old bad habits and replacing them with brand new good habits.

The science behind the nutrition programme is portion control whilst ‎balancing blood sugar levels which stops sugar cravings. Our in house nutritional therapist Lesley Harper carries out workshops during the week. These fitness retreat workshops will go through the basics of nutritional therapy, label reading and then move onto mineral testing and sub clinical theroid testing.

The weight loss and exercise programme is probably the part that our guests become the most concerned about. Thoughts like will I be able to keep up and what happens if ‎I am asked to do something I can not achieve are the most common questions that guests ask themselves. Well have no fear because over the years we have been running weight loss and fitness retreats since 2006 we are very use to adapting the fitness programme taking into consideration everyone's fitness level and medical conditions.

Last and probably the most important ‎part of our fitness holiday programme is the behaviour workshop. This workshop is set out to change the way guests think about exercise and nutrition. We change old habits into new habits and work out what triggers those habits so we do not make the same slip ups when we go back to our normal lives in the home environment.

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