Posted on 15 May 2017

The FitFarms Fitness Holiday Experience in Matlock Derbyshire

Fitfarms holistic weight loss retreat is focused on the belief that…FitFarms holistic weight loss retreat is focused on the belief that your success begins with managing stress, not removing it but dealing with it respecting it if you like. So all our locations have been picked with this in mind, peaceful, restful and tranquil countryside with comfortable and well equipped accommodation, Matlock Derbyshire is no exception.

Set in Darley Dales just above Matlock Darwin lakes is only 10 minutes drive away from the tourist and shops area of Matlock and Matlock bath but when your there it feels like you are as far in the wilderness as could be, the cottages are fully furnished and recently refurbished, set around a beautiful man made lake that runs off directly into the Derwent river, we have our own area sometimes used for weddings and conferences throughout the year but for our use exclusively during the course.

It makes the perfect area for workshops and exercise classes with the average sized group and allows for the majority of the course to be held on site which really helps to remove people from the thoughts and worries of day to day life. The local walks can range from a mile up the road to 10 miles across the Dales to Chatsworth house and ground. Fantastic!

Believe it or not in some particular cases the need to de-stress and re-balance is such that we recommend more down time and less exercise which makes our locations perfect for either situation.

On a whole the scenic walks, the accommodation and the local area all add to the success of the course!

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