Posted on 30 Dec 2015

The Christmas Diet

Here it is. The long awaited diet designed to fix all the issues associated with healthy living during the festive season. Backed up and supported by mathematical equations, science and true logic! This is without out a doubt the diet that everybody needs!

Now, anyone that has attended one of our weight loss and fitness camps will be thinking "this doesn't sound right?" Or "that's not what I was led to believe on the course" but it does sound interesting doesn't it? The diet to which I refer is like a lot of the others out there, nothing miraculous and in most cases common sense.

The term "diet" is defined as "food or feed habitually eaten or provided" OR "the foods eaten, as by a particular person or group" by an online dictionary ( yet whenever I use it in this way with clients I get questions like " I thought you didn't believe in diets?" Or "such and such says that diets are bad for you and not effective?" But let's be clear, a diet is a descriptive used when discussing someone's intake of food and fluid and it can be both good or bad for you depending on what your "diet" is?

So with that in mind, the above mentioned Christmas diet is basically the food and fluid someone consumes over the festive period known as Christmas. So why is my Christmas diet so fantastic? Because it allows you to enjoy yourself and eat and drink what you like and as much as you like either with or without exercise and as much or as little as you like of which ever kind you like, sound too good to be true??

I'm sorry for drawing this out as much as I have because really and truly the only bit you needed to read is these final few sentences. It is at most a month out of the year, a time for celebration of life and family and friends and all the other little positives, enjoy it! As much as you like. Because no matter how hard you try you won't completely undo all that you have managed to do in twice that time let alone 12 times that amount of time, and come January it may well work out to have been the little bit of let loose you needed to re-ignite you towards your goals.

Andy Baker

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