Posted on 22 Feb 2016

Starting as We Mean to Go On!

So after the first week back at our FitFarms weight loss retreat, I'm happy to say things went pretty well. The group all had a fantastic mindset and although we had several clients with considerable issues that could easily be aggravated by exercise, the group pulled together very well they supported each other and they all worked impressively both individually and as a group, I cannot praise their efforts enough! We have a busy year ahead of us and if all of our clients can be as open minded and work as hard we are in for another great year!

One of the issues we have whilst on course is sugar. Sugar is more addictive than a lot of people realise and when our clients join us for a week of clean living it can cause problems they never before anticipated. Sugar was one of the issues we had during this week, one lady struggled so much with going "cold turkey" at times it seemed like the week was wasted as she was unable to take part in so much, the first few days were a real struggle with upset sleeping patterns, no appetite, no energy, a constant headache and a generally run down feeling. It really was severe. So the best way we could deal with this was to treat the first part of the week as a detox and that even if it took the whole week the benefit would be in how they would feel upon returning home.

Given the time and space it was just a couple of days before we started to see improvements in small ways like sleeping better and being able to try different foods and even taking part in the exercises. It's great to see such a clear transformation in people and sometimes it's not because of the exercise or the workshops, (although they obviously help) but because of the opportunity to de-stress and take time to ourselves, something we massively underestimate the value of in our day to day lives.

In this new year, if you want to see some real results and keep hold of them find a way to enjoy your balance, of good and bad, of healthy and happy. Don't be all or nothing, be some of everything!

Special blog post editorial from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

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