Posted on 4 Nov 2016

Squats Good or Bad?

squats weight loss exerciseAs anyone who has been to one of our FitFarms weight loss camps will painfully tell you. We use them a lot! It has always been a strongly debated point as to whether squatting was harmful or dangerous or whether it had any positive health benefits.

For instance in the sports development world there are many that believe training should be "specific" as in movements that are complex and adaptive and that mirror the mechanical and neural stresses of the activity they are training for. Then there are those who understand the need for over development in both the simple structures as well as the more complex movement patterns.

What this all means is that although the squat isn't a typical day to day movement for most of us (hence the difficulty some have adapting to it) it is a basic movement that we should all be capable of achieving providing we our lucky enough to enjoy good joint and bone health etc. so in my mind some exercises that aren't functional per see but allow us to accelerate or improve our basic mechanical functions will also improve our adaptability to the more complex skills necessary for our day to day routines and challenges.

Special blog post from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

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