Posted on 11 Aug 2014

Very Special Day At FitFarms Weight Loss Camp (Report)

Exercise at Weight Loss Boot Camp.

As always, today is jam packed with things to do, beginning with measurements and mentor sessions, but that's as nice as it's going to get, after breakfast the hard work begins with Zu's introduction to exercise followed by our circuits class with a little extra and then yoga, all before lunch!

After lunch the workload continues with boxing, interval training, abs and balls and a little stretch all before dinner.

The last class of the day is an introduction to resistance training with Ian. It's the basics! Basic techniques, important teaching points and in a simple routine that will act as both a workout and an opportunity to gain a better understanding. This way those that need the technique get the help that they need and those that want a workout get the sweat they need!

We are very proud of the fact that here at FitFarms, we are as much about understanding your own body and making informed decisions on your future healthier lifestyle as we are about enjoying the exercise and getting you nearer the end result your looking for.

This week is not going to be an easy one for us, the clients are all very happy and pleasant and seem very keen and jolly, but some are lacking in motivation, severely! But that's why they're here, and so we will do our very best to motivate and enthuse them during their stay but by the end of their course they will need to be feeling the benefits and feeling positive in order for them to maintain what they will of achieved through all their hard work.

This way they will have proven to themselves how much they are capable of and they will be able to see how it feels to be fitter, fingers crossed for the rest of the week, today has been a good start, let's just hope the energy and enthusiasm carries them through the week.

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