Posted on 5 Dec 2023

Sleep and Weight Loss at FitFarms

The affects of stress on our bodies

The important link between sleep, stress and weight loss!

There’s lots of factors we don’t take into consideration when starting our weight loss journey and sleep is a key factor that is often not considered. It has vital mental and physical health benefits to weight loss that are important to be aware of before making your lifestyle change, to help reach all your goals more successfully.

Sleep is key for two areas related to weight loss which is 'focussing' and 'blood sugar levels'.

Sleep provides better focus and knowledge intake which gives you clearer and sharper thinking. Having a clear head set when increasing your exercise and changing your diet is essential for taking in new information and having such a significant change in lifestyle.

With lack of sleep, you’ll find it hard to focus and stick to your goals and objectives along your weight loss journey. Especially when learning new knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle and following the right diet it’s vital to keep a clear and focused head space in order to make your lifestyle changes maintainable.

Spending more time awake also increases our urges to snack and lack of sleep can increase our hunger levels. It can disrupt your blood sugar levels making you a third more likely to gain weight if you're getting less than the recommended time of sleep.

There is a really interesting web page on sleep and how it is connected to your overall help on this sleep and health website

You should always aim to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night and keeping to a regular sleeping schedule is as important as exercising regularly and eating sensibly.

Sleeping is also essential for your general health, when you sleep your body forms antibodies to help fight off illness and infection. With less sleep your bodies more prone to infection making your health more at risk, especially as you get older.

FitFarms will be carrying out detailed scientific testing starting in 2024 and will also be offering blood test. This will allow us to provide customers with accurate information on illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, muscle loss which can all be affected by sleep deprivation.

A consistent sleep schedule also helps keep your immune system strong and effective, recent research shows if you suffer with sleep deprivation your chances of getting sick and not being able to fight off illness increases dramatically.

Further health problems lack of sleep can cause include, diabetes, depression, obesity, heart attacks, strokes and hypertension. Which is why it’s essential to prioritise your sleep, especially when making such significant lifestyle changes, sleep should be high up on a your priority list.

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