Posted on 4 Feb 2015

Setting Expectations for Weight Loss Boot Camp | FitFarms Camp Report

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent FitFarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

We are half way throughout the days are getting hotter and hotter and the cool breeze is more of a welcome relief now than a uncomfortable chill as it was at the start of the week. Whilst the majority of the week has remained the same we have tried to keep the structure the same but play around with the classes a little, so today as normal we have got Zu's chair obits and dance classes during the day, picture the scene by the pool in the beating sun.

Aaaah bliss no better setting, it really was amazing and if I hadn't been busy ferrying Lynny around I would have been able to take some pictures of the immense fun being had by all. So I thought I would use this opportunity to talk about fun and mood and the importance of a happy balance as it’s been a while since I last preached.

So here goes, I believe we all spend alot of time living or trying to live up to others expectations or even our own, whether we do it consciously or sub-consciously in our work life in our family life and even in our social life. So what happens when we fail to live up to the expectations of others or our perception of what others expect? Some may brush it off and try again tomorrow, some may dwell on it and let it build within them; some may believe they have brushed it off but are still allowing themselves to be affected by it. Either way there is rarely a positive outcome from failure of any sort, and why? Why should failure be such a negative thing? When we were kids we would join in with someone else's game without waiting to be invited, we would try and ride a bike before our parents had finished telling us all the things to be careful of, and if we fell over we would get up and try again, I'm not saying we were completely fearless but our passion outweighed our fear of injury or failure and at what point in our lives did we grow the most and learn the most and change the most as individuals? As children and young teenagers! Yes it is the body’s natural course to grow and change during that period but it was a great age of discovery for us our minds were constantly engaged and adventure was everywhere!

Nowadays we let fear of failure control us. We look for the diets that have the best success rates or work for people we know because we need it to work and work right away, we look to magazines and articles that suggest the newest bestest way to exercise even if we know we won't like it because if we should try to change something about ourselves and fail!!! Oh how embarrassing!!! But it isn't! It's our natural way of evolution but ironically the evolution of our conscious mind has lead us to fear ridicule from our piers or ourselves so much so, that we won't try anything someone else hasn't tried or some celebrity hasn't put their name to!

YOU ARE YOUR OWN TRAINER!!! You know yourself better than anyone else least of all the creator of the new diet who has never met you but swears blind that his product is perfect for you! Trust yourself and allow yourself to try classes you don't think you'll enjoy or that you’re not fit enough for then once you've tried them make up your mind and if you don't like them make a decision based on who you are! "Do I give it another few tries to see if it grows on me or do I find something else?" You don't need to change your life overnight you need to experiment and try different things without the pressure of "I must achieve this target right away" or "I must get it right fist time" a happy balance for me is being able to say "I am proud of who I am and where I am! And yes there are things I would change but I am working on that and moving forward in the right direction" as long as this is true about me I know I'll be in a happy place!

For you guys and girls the message may be slightly different, you may have different standards or needs, but what remains the same is that life is better in a happy balance! So find yours!

Image Credit: Health News

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