Posted on 7 Jul 2014

Report from the Holistic Weight Loss Boot Camp - 07 July 2014

So today is a pretty emotional one for the group.

They wake up get their results, have a final breakfast together and then say their goodbyes.

All before 9am and I think especially because this group has gotten on so well it is a little like the last day of school in the final year.

Everyone remembers how that felt, right? There is lots of picture taking, lots of hugs and promises to keep in touch, it's amazing how much of a bond has been formed over this past 4-7 days, later on we will be welcoming another group, still fresh with the sense of achievement shared by those we sit having breakfast with this morning.

So for us today is a surreal experience a difficult one to explain, this evening we will be looking at a whole new set of faces sitting in the same spots as the guys and girls we have just spent an intense and full on residential weight loss retreat week with.

group weight loss retreat

Tonight we will start all over again with a new group of people looking for either, the right answer, a kickstart, a boost, a life changing experience or just a plain old weight loss holiday, we will get to know them share their stories try to understand what has lead them to this point in their lives, do they want our help and support or just our motivation?

Tonight we will begin all over again but again tonight will be the start of a complete lifestyle overhaul for some people, a life changing experience for others or just a really good holiday with lots of fun exercise and lots of great tasting food and lots of new friends to be made!

Once the new weight loss camp group have arrived we begin the introduction and ice breaker, this week we have a typically diverse group of people but untypical is that it is our second mixed week in a row, so it will be less of a transition for us from the 1st week to the 2nd.

This second weeks group have all arrived and seem very friendly, as always there is a certain nervousness within the group but the fact that we have a few lovely gentlemen and some girls on their second week in a row will help to ease the tension much quicker.

As the welcome and icebreaker session proceeds it is clear that we have some real characters in this group and it has the making of a fun filled experience, it's amazing how easily people settle and relax into their surroundings once you encourage them to open up a little.

Tomorrow will be the real start to the week, for tonight it's all about getting comfortable! So enjoy guys and girls you have a big fitness and weight loss retreat day ahead of you!

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