Posted on 21 Dec 2023

Preparing For A New Exercise Program

New to exercise routine

Knowing the right way to prepare before starting your fitness journey is essential. Having the right shoes, clothes is important to prevent early injury. It is also key to warm up and cool day correctly before and after exercise.

Having the right footwear for all the styles of exercises you will be taking part in is extremely important. Running shoes and walking shoes have different heels and comfort to support you in the right way for each exercise. Using the wrong shoe ware for the wrong exercise can lead to injury, feeling uncomfortable, foot and knee pains. The web page active feet will give you more information on choosing the right footwear for the right exercise.

The clothing you wear is equally as important as your footwear choice. Often people can choose skin tight gym wear when exercising, but this can make you overheat, making exercising a uncomfortable experience and causing dehydration. The right clothing is also important as it can prevent risk of injury or fatigue. Tight clothing preventing blood getting to the heart can lead to fatigue and muscle soreness. Which is why it’s key when choosing your exercise clothes to consider the style of exercise you will be taking part in.

Before and after working out remember to warm up and cool down as it is essential in preventing injury. Warming up before exercising will increase your efficiency of movement and warm up your muscles decreasing your chances of injury. Cooling down is as important and often a forgotten part of an exercise program. It helps regulate your blood flow and give your heart rate and blood pressure a smooth recovery especially from high intensity exercises.

Making your exercise progressive is also important to keep in mind. Exercising progressively essentially means increasing the intensity of your workout. This could be adding more weights, repetitions or sets through a workout or even decreasing your rest periods. When your exercise program is progressive you will start to see improvement which helps with your motivation.

Considering and applying all these different factors into your exercise plan will show strongly in your results. To sum up take some time to choose the right equipment and make sure your exercise programme is manageable and progressive.

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