Posted on 6 Feb 2023

Power Balls from FitFarms Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat

Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat Powerballs

Powerball recipe at the weight loss and fitness retreat

Primary Ingredients Powerball weight loss retreat (20 power balls)

Walnuts / Cashew Nuts 500 grams

Peanut / Almond / Cashew Butter 4 tbsp

Honey / Maple Syrup 1 tsp

Oatmeal 4 tbsp

Secondary Superfood Ingredients Powerball weight loss retreat

This is the fun part where you can experiment with different types of ingredients. I've chosen some super food options below.

Dried Apricots finely chopped - good source of beta carotene an antioxidant that is linked to improved brain functioning

Dried Figs finely chopped - great source of calcium and fibre

Dried Tart Cherries- these hold polyphenol antioxidants which stamp out cell damaging free radicals

Prunes (dried plums) - high in potassium and great for the digestive system

Goji Berries - high in protein, vitamin A and Vitamin C

Here is some more information for you on superfoods


Place all the Primary Ingredients into a food processor and select at least two of the Secondary Superfood Ingredients. Blitz all the ingredients and roll into balls

Nutrition Breakdown (it differs a little depending on which superfoods you choose)

6 grams carbohydrates, 7 grams healthy fats, 6 grams protein and 90 calories

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