Posted on 19 Nov 2014

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fascia is the name given to the strong ligament which stretches from the middle foot bone back to the heel. Plantar Fasciitis refers to an inflammation of this region. Small, but repeated injuries to this area is likely to be the cause of plantar fasciitis.

Is it possible to avoid suffering from plantar fasciitis? There some actions you can take to minimise the chances of developing this condition. Gentle, regular exercise is good way to take care of your feet, as is maintaining a healthy weight. Before and after exercise perform warming up and cooling down exercises. Wear the correct footwear for your activity. Whenever possible rest with your feet elevated. Of course, these are sensible steps to take to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you already suffer from plantar fasciitis then there a number of simple actions to relieve the problem. One is a stretching exercise, place the toes against the wall, keep the heel and arch flat, hold for 10. Repeat this four times a day, preforming each hold ten times. When the arch is sufficiently stretched roll a frozen bottle of water under the foot for ten minutes. Roll a small frozen ball, like a golf ball, starting from the front of the foot and work towards the back under the arch. Make sure to apply pressure in each area for about fifteen seconds at a time. Some of us have high arches and some low arches, this can be supported by the correct insole.

In time high arches can collapse, but support is required for high and low arches. Insoles designed to support arches can be inserted into closed heel shoes for maximum benefit. Shoes should always have firm heels, support along the length of the foot, flexibility in the toe area, and a secure closing system, such as laces or buckle.


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