Posted on 12 Aug 2014

Could Peppermint Tea be the Key to Trimming your Waist?

Many wonder health benefits of Peppermint Tea. Photo credit

There are many wonderfoods that help people lose weight that have been tried and tested such as apples, steaks (yes, surprisingly!), lentils, olive oil, avocado and chillies. Lately, however, experts are talking about how people who want to lose weight should start drinking more tea –the winter-appropriate peppermint tea, to be more exact. But "how could something as simple as peppermint tea help me lose weight?" you may ask.

Suppress Appetite for Eating More According to experts, peppermint tea helps suppress one's appetite. The strong scent in this herb helps keep cravings in check so it's been suggested that sipping a hot cup of the minty tea after meals can keep your hankering for a slice of chocolate cake at bay.

Digestive Aid for Weight Loss That peppermint tea is a digestive aid helps boost the idea that the tea can assist in weight loss. Rudolph Ballentine, author of "Diet and Nutrition" suggests that having problems in the digestive system leads to poor nutrient absorption. Poor nutrient assimilation wakes up your body's food cravings while, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a healed digestive system won't want to eat more than it should. Additionally, peppermint tea can get rid of constipation thereby improving digestion, allowing nutrients to get in your body, and keeping you from succumbing to your food cravings.

Lower Anxiety and Fatigue It's also worth knowing that peppermint tea can help you relax. NASA studies have found that the scent of peppermint helps lower anxiety and fatigue levels. It stands to reason, then, that people who tend to eat when they are stressed can be calmed and soothed by some peppermint tea, helping them forget about their frustrations and staving off their desires to "eat their feelings".

Lower the Cortisol Level Also, peppermint tea helps lower the cortisol levels which become heightened when a person is stressed out. High cortisol levels can wreak havoc on your metabolism, making it harder to lose the extra weight  you want to get rid of so it may be in your best interest to sip some calming peppermint tea.

Of course, despite all the benefits that peppermint or peppermint tea brings to people who wish to lose weight, nutrition and fitness experts are quick to add that one might only truly reap the weight loss benefits of peppermint by modifying your diet and developing a good fitness regimen. Peppermint tea cannot spur fat loss on its own but paired up with an improved, healthier lifestyle which includes a nutritious diet and regular physical activity, peppermint tea can support weight loss.

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