Posted on 19 May 2015

Organic Fitness Boot Camp In Malvern

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

TWell the long wait is over and the team are all geared up to deliver a holistic fitness boot camp in Leigh just a few miles away from the stunning Malvern Hills.

This weight loss retreat is going to be very different from any other one that we have run since we opened in 2006 because the accommodation is bell tents on an Organic Farm. The big advantage of this is that nearly all of the food that forms the weight loss and fitness nutrition programme is from the Organic Farm. The restaurant is called "Farm to Fork" and is glamped up in the way of buntin and grass balls hanging from the roof.

The Farm was awarded the Organic Soil Certificate in 2005 and grows great produce specialising in spinach, asparagus, beetroot, pumpkins and watercress.

Once the Glamping retreat has been set up its then time to greet the guest at Malvern Link train station if they are arriving by train and the entrance of the Glamping retreat for those who are arriving by car.

Then the guests are shown to their bell tents where they have a bed, storage space for clothes, heating, lighting, pillows, duvet and bed linen.

The Welcome talk then starts at 6pm with Andy, Dan and Helen. This talk is used to put guests at ease and explain the route that they are just about to take on the Malvern weight loss and fitness camp.

Annette (chef) serves a delightful strawberry and banana smoothie which everyone enjoys and is thankful for after their long journeys to FitFarms.

The guests seem to be mixing extremely well together and there are some great personalities on this course. There are some old faces from past weight loss holidays and some new guests all coming together going in the same direction of improving their lifestyles.

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