Posted on 21 May 2015

Organic Fitness Boot Camp In Malvern Day 1

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

We are just about to start the first full day at the Malvern holistic fitness boot camp and we have a great day set up ahead for our guests. First of all we are carrying out the health assessments which include body fat testing, the scales, hip to waist ratio and lung capacity.

Despite the not so good weather the group are on good form and once the measurements have finished guests go into breakfast which is a lovely porridge with dates. One guests explained that usually they dislike porridge but this dish has been a real turning point for them, great news.

Then after breakfast we are going into the first weight loss and fitness camp exercise session which is the famous carry your excess. This is circuit training where guests carry the amount of weight they consider they would like to lose whilst on the weight loss holiday. It was a great session any everyone put in maximum effort and there were smiles all around.

Next up is resistance training with Dan and Helen and once again the group were absolutely brilliant. The rain and wind is still with us but attitudes have been great.

Then it's the first fitness workshop which is taken by the Health Manager Andy Baker. Andy goes over all the different types of exercises, body types and what exercise is best for you and why it's best for you. This was a great workshop with one of our guests saying that it was a life changing moment. The workshop was broken down into small parts, with a lot of guests contributing to the talk, it really was a great workshop all round.

It's a well deserved lunch next followed by some more exercises but this time with Andy. There is a lot of variety in the exercise programme and Andy is mixing it up with some cardio in this exercise session. The guests are very out of breath but are managing the class very well and you can see how keen every one is to improve.

It's looking like a good week ahead and the guests are very willing to play there part to make the programme as fun as possible.

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