Posted on 27 Oct 2015

Matlock - Weight Loss Camp Day, 28 September 2015

Today we have our nutrition workshop all afternoon, so that means we need to make the morning particularly....... "Fun" with a mixture of some agility, circuits, HIIT training and resistance by the time lunch comes everyone is well and truly ready for a sit down!

The nutrition workshop is without a doubt the cornerstone of the week, whilst the right mindset is key to applying the changes you want to make and a good knowledge of exercise and techniques are important to maintain a safe and effective active lifestyle without nutritional knowledge and know how behind you all efforts could be totally unsupported.

I can't count the amount of times I've heard people say "I run 3-4 x a week" or "I do spinning on Monday, body pump on Tuesday Pilates on Wednesday circuits on Thursday" etc and it is regularly followed up by "but I'm not seeing any changes" my first question is always how is your diet and upon hearing their answer I can usually make sense of why they aren't seeing the results they are looking for. This isn't because I follow a strict dietary guideline or I have one particular way to advocate, but because even with my base knowledge of how the body works and the things I have learned from our nutritionist and various courses, I know that if you under fuel your body you won't lose weight, if you over fuel your body you won't lose weight in fact if your body is not in a happy balance for the majority of the time the results you search and work for will evade you.

I am happy to say that just when the clients are starting to tire and fatigue and they don't think they can take anymore of myself or Sean or Helen asking for a little more of what little they have left, Lesley comes along and somehow manages to invigorate them and re-energise them with a clear and logical approach to the thing a lot of our clients were fearing the most...... The diet!! (Term diet used as a description of nutritional intake, not as a copy written plan or structure developed to a specific end)

Andy Baker

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

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