Posted on 6 Nov 2016

Matlock in the Autum

think about why you startedHere at our Matlock fitness retreat, the weight loss camp is a few days into its swing. Today, we have Lesley's nutritional workshop and some of Beccas mindful movement classes in the afternoon finished by a stretch with Georgia in the evening.

So for the morning session in true FitFarms style we are going to focus on some fat burning ☺️. During our weight loss retreats whether at Matlock Derbyshire, Malvern Worcestershire, or Woolland in Dorset, the approach is the same, the clients will endure around 6 hours a day of exercise and activity and we have clients from very fit and active, to very unfit and never having done or felt the need to do exercise ever in the past. Because of our sensible approach to exercise we have been able to put together a varied and enjoyable program that delivers a new way of looking at exercise, activities and a healthy lifestyle.

Special blog post from one of our FitFarms Health and Fitness instructors.

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