Posted on 23 Apr 2024

Managing Stress through Weight Loss

Controlling your Stress through your Weight Loss Journey

Mindfulness at FitFarms

Weight loss is a challenging journey, and often can be overwhelming and cause increased levels of anxiety and stress. Stress can effect your weight loss journey and cause problems with progress, often leading to a unstable metabolism, increase in appetite and digestion issues. So, managing your stress throughout your weight loss journey should be a priority.

What can you do to manage your stress?

There are lots of ways to manage and deal with stress which are easy to adapt into your day to day lives.

If your feeling overwhelmed within your weight loss journey, managing your diet and exercise regime, starting a weight loss journal can really help in handling your schedule. To read more about starting a weight loss journal, find our blog on ‘Starting a Weight Loss Journal’.

Adapting mindfulness into your everyday schedule can also have a positive impact within your lifestyle. Practising different mindfulness techniques such as meditation or breathing exercises in the morning or evening can help to regulate stress and have a great effect on your general wellbeing.

Prioritising self-care is also vital and can often be forgotten when so focused on weight loss. Remembering to put yourself first and to take care of your mental health is important when making such significant changes to your usual lifestyle. Remember to listen to your body and put your needs first, pushing yourself too much will often have a negative outcome down the road.

If you feel your weight loss is taking a toll on your wellbeing, seeking guidance through loved ones can show to be incredibly beneficial. Reaching out to your support system is crucial especially in times of high stress where your weight loss may start to feel unmanageable. Don’t take it all on your own, reach out and find guidance. Weight loss is a challenging journey and there’s no shame in asking for support rather than giving up.

If managing your stress is starting to feel unmanageable, we recommend you reach out for support or consult with your GP. For more information about handling your stress visit the NHS 10 Stress Busters page.

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