Posted on 3 Jul 2015

Malvern – Glamping Weight Loss Camp Day Report – Sunday Jun 2015

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Sunday at the Malvern holistic weight loss boot camp is set to be a really good day. We have the first of our pretty country fitness walks which start of at the ‎glamping camp. The group gather together in the field and Andy briefs everyone on health and safety making sure everyone is safe and feeling comfortable about the walk. Then off we set up Teme Lane and into the Worcestershire countryside where we are surrounded by pear and apple orchards.

Like all of our walks we have different distances for the levels of fitness that we have on the weight loss retreat. There is also a safety vehicle going around the circuit just in case people need to be collected and taken back to Base camp.

Once everyone has finishes the walk we go into a lovely soup followed by a pulse dish that has a gentle curry hint. Following lunch we have Andy's fitness workshop. This is a real eye opener for the guests as Andy covers the different types of fitness and selecting the right fitness for what the individual wants to achieve.

Then it's a little walk down to the ponds where the indoor exercise area is waiting to provide another fun and challenging activity. This time the exercise is kettle bells with Helen which everyone thoroughly enjoys. Introducing guests to different types of exercise is a big part of the fitness course. The reason for this is to create a varied programme but also introduce people to exercises that they will carry on at home.

Then we go into a mid afternoon snack which is oat cakes and cottage cheese. There's a little rest now just to digest the snack and then it's core work in the gym.

Dinner was another organic farm experience with an amazing blackberry desert. The last exercise of the day is resistance which everyone enjoys with our new instructor Sean Roberts who really is liked hugely by all the guests.

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