Posted on 11 Jun 2024

Keto Diet Do or Don't

Can the Keto Diet Aid Weight Loss?

Keto Diet Weight Loss Retreat

It is reported that almost two thirds of the UK population are dieting the majority of the time, so why do obesity rates continue to rise? With thousands of different diets available and a large variety of different opinions on what diets can benefit our health and weight loss the most, knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

So, which diets bring which benefits to both our health and achieving a sustainable weight loss.

The keto diet has recently gained a lot of attention, but with little information out there about both benefits and negatives this diet can bring, what can this diet bring to our day to day lifestyle.

At FitFarms we follow a balanced diet with a healthy calorie deflect suitable to each individual to aid in weight loss. The FitFarms team has a nutrient specialist on each course to advise in dieting for weight loss and what to consider.

Benefits of keto diet

Is it beneficial to follow such a drastic diet? In terms of appetite, the keto diet is reported to successfully reduce diet and calorie intake, as your not consuming any carbohydrates.

Various studies have shown the diet to prevent and improve certain diseases, such as diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. The no carb diet does also show good immediate weight loss results when you’re on the diet.

Negatives of keto diet

However, what down sides can the diet bring? Keto flu is a well known symptom of adapting to the diet. While your body is adjusting to using fat as a prime energy source, you may have similar flu symptoms while adapting to this change in diet. This may effect people differently, and should be considered before making the change in lifestyle.

The keto diet may also cause kidney stress, digestive issues, nutrient deficiencies and health risks. It isn’t a long term diet to stick to as it doesn’t include all the food groups and necessary vitamins and nutrients. In terms of weight loss it can be successful in the short term when following the diet, but there isn’t any long term evidence to show the effectiveness of the diet to weight loss. Some experts warn it may be dangerous to follow the diet for too long, and when coming off the diet weight can fluctuate and often rise when regulating back to a balanced diet.

So consult with a health profession, and consider why you want to start the diet and if your requirements meet the benefits this diet brings.

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