Posted on 14 Dec 2014

Keeping fit through the winter: Quick tips and tricks

Winter is finally upon us and you're probably starting to feel a chill in the air. Why, with the cold weather and all the holiday feasts approaching, it probably seems as though taking the time off to hibernate is a good idea. Besides, it's too cold out. But wait!

Letting your holiday food coma and cold weather fears take over will just undo the hard work you already put into getting fit before the winter. So instead of skipping the fitness regimen to make way for the holidays, here are some tips for making winter exercising easier. (Who knows, you might even find yourself enjoying it.)

Plan ahead Exercising outdoors has been known to boost your mood and performance, and help burn calories. Of course with winter here, you should definitely check the weather reports and buy weather-appropriate gear. It's also a good idea to have a contingency plan in case it gets too cold outside. Plan an indoor workout that you can do at home in case going out isn't a good idea.

Wear layers It's great to dress warmly so that you don't end up shivering during your run but don't overdo it. Most exercisers who feel too warm tend to quit their exercises midway because the heat becomes uncomfortable. Also, sweating too much will give you the chills when the perspiration starts to dry up.

Wearing layers will help a lot in this case because you can just take off or put on more clothing as you go along.

Footwear matters You probably have a good pair of running shoes that are well-ventilated and great for running during the dryer seasons. However, since it's winter, you should probably invest in a pair that's cold weather friendly. Using your regular running shoes could cause your feet to get damp and since the footwear's ventilated, your feet are likelier to be exposed in the cold.

Your best bet is to get wool socks or heated insoles to make your feet feel warmer. Also, since roads are likely to be slippery, invest in a waterproof pair with great traction.

Self control helps You're obviously going to be eating during the holiday and that's perfectly okay. Just remember not to gorge yourself silly by eating anything and everything being served. If you must have pie, get a small portion. Better yet, concentrate on the healthier meal options like the turkey, fruit and veggie dishes.

You'll also benefit more from being committed to your fitness regimen. One trick is to earn what you're eating or drinking. If you're going for dessert, then you should make up for it by jogging an extra mile or so.

A trip to the beach? Is it cheating if you just take a trip to a sunny locale and do some jogging or kayaking there? If your family's planning a trip to a tropical paradise, why not take advantage of the great weather and take in some activities that will help you get your exercise on outdoors? Exercising and losing weight during the winter doesn't have to be impossible. All it takes is real commitment, self control and planning and then you're all set!


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