Posted on 5 Oct 2018

Jen Just Do It 80's Aerobic Session

received_2059320577730609Andalucia, an area of the world I’d never visited, but having spent a week working there with Fitfarms I have to say that it is beautiful! The scenery is stunning and the weather was gorgeous. Even though we were there to work on the weight loss retreat there was a laid back feel to the week different to the U.K. courses which brought out a certain childish playfulness. Prior to going I had planned out a simple dance session that I thought would work nicely in the pool, and it did, I have to say there was a moment with everyone doing ballet arms so in sync and gracefully (whilst cracked up laughing) that I really thought it would have made a fantastic photo; and that’s not the only time I had that thought, it occurred a few more times in the week too. In my playful mood I thought it would be fun to do a morning mobility session to The jungle book soundtrack, never have I heard so many people sing along in a class -bare necessities was incredible, and there was definitely something very funny about a mobility circuit with everyone doing something different to I wan’na be like you (the monkey song)! We headed down to the beach one afternoon, and after the pedalo’s were put away had a bit of a play around in the water with a blow up football, we started with catch, progressed to volley ball (not easy in water) and added other general daft ideas cooked up by the group. As the pool session was quite popular I thought I’d (speedily) try to put together another one for the last day, all to 80’s music (as had been mentioned was the preference of some of the group); there were some classic tunes and aerobics moves, a little bit of running (something else not easy in water) and some general jumping and leg kicking -to no particular timing with no ‘technique’instruction, just sheer freedom and it was great!! If you’re reading this and thinking that sounds fun -it really was, and that’s the key point I’m trying to make whatever you do for exercise make sure it’s fun, it doesn’t need to be all serious, goal focussed, or worrying about whether you look a bit ridiculous - if you want to sing along to the music you like listening to -do it! If you want to grab a group of friends and have a dance or water running relay or play games at the local pool -do it! Release the inner child -there’s strength in numbers anyway, and you’d probably be surprised how many people would like to join in

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