Posted on 17 Jan 2018

How to do simple Aerobic Moves

aerobics exerciseIf anyone has joined in with a aerobics class they can be quiet intimidating if everyone else in the class has either been going to that class for some time or they are a regular aerobics class goer. It can be very off putting and sometimes can be scary for people to.

Any good instructor should know that they have new people joining in their class and should give easier options etc.

I'm just going to give you a few pointers how to do a few of the basic steps you will find in most Aerobic Classes.

Step Touch

Simply step to the right with your right leg and bring your left leg to meet the right leg. Then simply step your left leg out to the left and bring your right let to meet it. Always keep the knees soft as this will take the impact off your knees and back.

If you want to increase the intensity then start to move your arms either out to the side, in front or over head. Simple..!!


One of the most used steps in any aerobics class and will be for sometime.

Start with doing a double step touch like above but do double it, I.e right leg out then bring left leg to join in but the repeat the same steps again to the right. Do exactly the same on the left side and this is called a 'double step touch'.

To change this into a grapevine simple step out to the right but.... Heel first the with the right foot as you glade through with your left leg moving behind the right leg and bring the left let together with the right leg. Repeat on other side.

Same again if you want to increase the intensity move the arms like explained above.

Box Step/Easy Walk

Another very common steps in aerobics is the Box Step or called the Easy Walk.

Simply step forward with the right leg then the left leg keeping the feet hip or shoulder width apart the step back with the right leg then left leg but this time bring the feet more or less together then step out again with the right leg.

Repeat on the side starting with the right leg etc.

Same a before increase the intensity but using arm lines or step wider, longer or lower to increase the intensity much more.

These are the three most common steps you will find in ANY Aerobics class but made simple.


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