Posted on 14 Jan 2016

How do I Stick to a Resolution

Every week I always have the same conversation with clients. "How do I stick to a resolution". The main reason especially around new year why we fail even after only 2 weeks to stick with a resolution is simple, we don't actually know what a resolution is. So how can we stick to something that we don't understand? Many people's new year resolutions are "to lose weight", "to get fitter" or "to be more active". Unfortunately, these aren't resolutions. These are results.

A resolution is a solution to a problem that you have, or to resolve an issue you currently have. Therefore, when we look at making a resolution we need to first look at the problem. This does not mean be overly critical or negative towards yourself, it means be realistic and see things how they are. For example "Over the past 6 months I have been very busy at work, which has caused me to snack on the wrong things and indulge in a little bit too much alcohol over the weekends to help me unwind. This behaviour has caused me to put on a stone and as a consequence I don't feel comfortable in my clothes any more and I have lost some of the confidence that I had when I was slimmer. I have also noticed that I find it harder to keep up and play with my kids due to me being a little out of shape".

You then have to look at what you want. If it's to lose weight as a goal, then if you lose half a pound would you be happy? No. So let's be specific "I want to lose that extra stone that I have put on over the Past few months". But this isn't good enough. This is still a should and is going to make you push yourself to try and hit the gym and try and eat healthier, which will never work. Unless you want to wear a badge with your weight on, the weight is irrelevant. So let's rephrase the reason. Ï want to lose a stone, because when I was that weight I had more confidence, my clothes looked better, I had more enjoy, I felt great about myself". These are reasons that will pull you towards doing the challenging things to get your result and when you have something that is pulling you towards it with real emotional goals you cant fail. Friedrich Nietzche famously said "If you know the why for living, you can endure and how".

Now we know the "why" the Real Why now we can look at the How. How are we going to get these results and this is where we have to be realistic in our limitations. People often follow programs or plans from magazines that tell them everything to do and how to do everything perfect. "News Flash" we all don't live perfect lives, we don't have the amount of time, or like the food in the diet plan or are fit enough to do 30 burpees in one go. So why not do what you can do and this something we focus on massively here at FitFarms.

Yes, there is an ideal to get best results but the ideal isn't for everyone. We give people the tools to make their own plans and their programs and to understand why they are doing what they are doing so that they can understand how to change it if it's not working or life changes. Remember the key to success is engaging in consistent action not matter how small.

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

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