Posted on 24 Oct 2014

Healthy Diet and Nutrition

In order to maintain our bodies in good health we require a number of nutrients. The main nutrients are protein, carbohydrates, energy, fats, a range of vitamins, minerals and, trace elements. As our lifestyle changes the balance required can change with it. The World Health Organisation is involved with research and is constantly mind full of the role it plays in the advice given out.

It is the general agreement that it is best to ingest specific foods in order to be supplied with the required dietary elements. Some elements are present in food naturally, such as calcium in dairy products. Some are added to the food as fortified elements, such as orange juice. The aim of dietary health is to support the living being through biochemical substances. The correct levels of these substances are required for optimal health. It is possible to undergo nutritional screening to assess our dietary intake is at the significant level to provide the essential nutrients we need to maintain a healthy future.

As we age our body can undergo certain changes which may not be obvious, and the thyroid is one such area. Even during testing the thyroid results may appear within the range expected for our age. The pituitary gland regulates the thyroid gland and produces thyroid stimulating hormone. It is this hormone which will work harder to stimulate the thyroid to maintain the required level of thyroid hormone in our body.


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