Posted on 29 Jun 2014

Half A Turkish Get Up Fitness Exercise by FitFarms' Andy (Video)

Technique video clips from the holistic weight loss boot camp is showing us how to do the half Turkish get up from the side position using a four kilo gram weight.

This is also an advanced technique so if you are trying this outside a structured weight loss camp environment we suggest that you break the fitness exercise into smaller stages. You open up the hip from a straight leg and then advancing the technique you manoeuvre yourself into a straight sit up. Make sure you keep the weight above your head which will help improve your postural muscles. If you repeat this exercise two or three times and then bring in the hip lift right at the end. Good fitness form is to stabilise the shoulder and bring in the gluteus and hamstring muscles.

Good luck with this exercise as it is difficult but when done correctly it is very rewarding and helps with your general weight loss and fitness.

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