Posted on 28 Jan 2015

Great Hill Climb Walk Down at the Weight Loss Camp | FitFarms Camp Report

This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent FitFarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

Today we're going for a bus ride down to the port once there Zu has sourced a nice hill climb to the drop off, the cliff by the port. All the way up we saw the most beautiful blue skies with a warm gentle breeze to keep us cool going up the constant climb. Which everyone was both able to complete and comfortably challenged by as they got to the top, but that wasn't the best part! The views all the way up were amazing! The mixture of traditional and new style houses built into the hill side, the clear site for miles around in every direction, the view of the hills and mountains in the distance contrasting perfectly with the clear blue and turquoise sea directly below and the tranquility of looking down on the port with the boats and yachts floating effortlessly in there docks I really did not want to head down but that cool breeze that served a purpose whilst we were exerting ourselves on the way up was not so welcome after a few moments of catching your breath and taking a few pictures at the top of this beautiful place, so down we came.

If you are considering a visit or re-visit to fit farms and are trying to decide which venue, they all have pros and cons, if you love the outdoors, spectacular views and nice weather Spain is the venue for you. Sure it isn't as close to the beach as we'd like it or as secluded but the venue is beautiful and traditional and the air is fresh and don't even get me started on the fresh produce and how wonderful Lynny's spanish style recipes are.

Today we are officially half way through, the mood is great the group are working hard and everyone seems to be having a dam good time!

Finally, remember if you have any questions and would like our opinion or advice feel free to contact us via our Facebook page, if you want any exercise ideas take a look at our YouTube channel and if you’re interested in booking a course take a look at our forum page and posts on Facebook to see if you think you like how we work.

Thanks for reading guys and girls.

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