Posted on 8 Aug 2014

Great Day At The Holistic Weight Loss Boot Camp

Well we survived yesterday! By we I mean the instructors, and by survived I mean we weren't beaten with our own equipment!

The group worked really hard yesterday and pushed through some major mental barriers of exercise and motivation, so it's only fair that we give them something they can get excited and be positive about in order to keep the moral as high as possible, so we are going to let them kick us!..

It's that time of the week again where myself and Ian step up to the challenge of becoming human kick bags for around 3 hours of the morning, in our double trouble session we use kicking techniques as part of our very own take on a legs bums and tums work out. Now I'm not silly! I know that if the ladies went into this session with too much energy in reserve, they would be the only ones walking out of it! So it's my turn for the wake up workout, and I chooooooooooose....... High intensity interval training!!!! Great way to wear ou...... Er I mean warm up! Those legs ;-)...

After the wake up workout is breakfast and after breakfast is our double trouble session... Perfect timing if you ask me. Whilst the idea of kicking people holding kick pads, or boxing using the focus pads does not appeal to some, because of the aggressive nature of the sport or discipline, we try our very best to relate the techniques to a toning routine that is fantastic for core balance, thighs, bums and tummy muscles some girls really take to it infact I would go so far as to say its one of the most popular sessions we run, with the right coaching and someone to make it relative to your likes and needs it is a fantastic form of exercise and does tick an awful lot of the goals people come to us with.

Moving on thou, whilst half the group is giving myself and Ian a good dose of payback the other half are in their final nutrition workshop, asking questions and learning about the practical application of a healthy approach to eating.

[caption id="attachment_2402" align="alignleft" width="300"]Carsington Lake View Carsington Lake View[/caption]

After lunch it is time to go for a walk, it's one of my favourites, Carsington reservoir, it's an 8 mile walk around the reservoir with some beautiful views and an easily modifiable route so that it can be equally manageable yet challenging to any level of fitness or ability.

The weather is great the mood is even better and everyone is on a high, in one way or another, either they feel more energised and awake than before, or they are finally starting to de-stress and enjoy life a little or they're simply feeling more confident and stronger for what they have achieved so far.

Today is a great day and just goes to show how the best training partner you will ever have, lives in your own head!

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