Posted on 8 Aug 2015

Glamping - Weight Loss Camp Day, 28 August 2015

So it’s another early start for the FitFarms glampers as they head down to the exercise marquee for their first workout of the day. Our new arrivals are yet to experience a wake up workout sessions so are eager to see what they have let themselves in for. Sean has plenty of motivation and energy in store for the ladies, but before we get things started the apple juice shots are given out!

Here at Fitfarms we like to start each day with a wake up workout before breakfast to get the blood pumping and raise people’s spirits. As we are training before breakfast each client is given a shot glass filled with apple juice to get their bodies and metabolism firing; the aim of this shot is to give a small spike in insulin so that the body starts burning into excess fat cells to create energy for exercise, and on many weeks we’ve found the apple juice becomes the favourite part of peoples day! Once the workout is complete everybody feels revived and ready to tackle another challenge today. The ladies seem excited at the thought of the first nutrition talk from Lesley learning just how simple leading a healthy lifestyle can be, often a shock to most that have been following 0% fat and diet fads for years. However along with that excitement is some apprehension as they know this afternoon also means a triple trouble exercise session with Andy, Sean and myself, something we are much more excited about.

After putting the girls through their paces with three different circuit classes from the three of us we decide to reward them with a relaxing and beneficial PNF stretching session that evening. The partner stretching allows the ladies to relive tension built up in the muscle ready to wake up feeling brand new for day number 4. It is then off to bed for most as I’m sure many wish to gather thoughts and start planning new healthy eating regime!


This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

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