Posted on 2 Oct 2015

Glamping - Weight Loss Camp Day, 14 September 2015

Third day here at Fitfarms and nearing the half way point for most. It's wake up workout circuit time and this time it's some kettlebell fun! As expected the ladies have some words to say about Andy's core class the previous night. Most say they are aching in muscles they didn't know existed in the core and others try their best not to laugh as it hurts to tense the muscles! And even more expected Andy has replied with a huge grin across his face knowing the job has been done! We're taking the intensity down this morning with a 6 mile walk for the clients. Although this is still a challenge as the ladies push themselves as much as possible it's a nice way to introduce different ways to exercise and show that not everything needs to be within a studio with extremely bouncey bubbly instructors stood at the front! Unfortunately the rain has joined us this morning but it doesn't seem to phase the women who have already begun striding off without myself and Andy, I think they're trying to put us through our paces! The offsite walks are a nice way to give the women some time off site in a more relaxed environment where they can chat to one another whilst still getting the benefits of exercise.

It's definitely a day of talking for the woman as the afternoon is filled with seminars from our nutritionist Lesley. It will be a challenging but very beneficial afternoon of information processing for the ladies but hopefully help them on their path to a healthier lifestyle. If anything I'm sure they're just glad to have a break from the two of us who in their eyes never seem to run out of energy!

5.45pm comes around and its time for resistance. The clients meet myself in the marquee and as I heard specifically asked for a tough session to get them warm!! In fact one lady even said she wanted to be so warm it felt like we were in the Bahamas! So of course they all worked hard and were very impressive throughout the session, all ladies seem to be enjoying the experience and gaining a lot of knowledge and confidence to carry home with them. As we reach the half way point for Fitfarms it's looking like another hugely successful week here at glamping.


This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

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