Posted on 24 Sep 2015

Glamping - Weight Loss Camp Day, 12 September 2015

So we've come to the final of our glamping camps for the summer season. It begins with a clear fresh morning for the early risers awaiting there pre-exercise measurements. The ladies seem to have formed a close bond already after spending the previous night say up chatting and getting to know one and other, the site has that same buzz this morning as we head in for our first workshop of the week. Andy leads the workshop giving us both time to understand each clients reasons for being here and allow them to feel more comfortable about the week coming up!

The first day is often one of the toughest for most Fitfarmers mainly due to the large volume of exercise; from an intense circuit class before lunch followed by an afternoon of boxing and instruction in kettlebell technique (andys favourite!) and finishing with an hour of resistance training during the evening. To add to this the majority of ladies we help have joined us doing little or no exercise for the past few years, let alone 6 hours a day!

Myself and Andy try to keep the programme as varied as possible here at Fitfarms, with a wide range of intensity during classes, time spent of technique and knowledge, and of course most importantly focusing on some FUN!!


This special blog post report is what happened in one of our recent Fitfarms fat camp weeks as reported by one of our instructors.

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