Posted on 3 Jul 2014

Getting Fit for a Deadline: Holidays, Weddings and Events

Special Event Diet & Fitness - Image Credit to Wonderful Oxfordshire Weddings

The motivation of a deadline

Getting fit and healthy is something we all intend to do as most of us are aware that eating right and staying healthy leads to happier healthier self. Deadlines are a great inspiration for wanting to look our best, whether it’s a wedding, holiday or event.

Ways to achieve your goal

  • Set yourself goals that are achievable
  • Plan out a week by week fitness and nutrition schedule
  • Exercise
  • Nutritional Content
  • De-stress
  • Keep it simple
  • Make it sustainable

Things not to do

  • Eat pre-packaged diet food
  • Use diet pills
  • Crash diets
  • Starve yourself
  • Excessive exercise

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Set yourself realistic goals for the time you have Various elements can impact on losing weight or getting fit so be realistic about what you want and CAN achieve to avoid negative feelings of stress, pressure or failure.

The length of time, nutritional intake, exercise and changes you can make within your lifestyle will have a direct result on what you are physically capable of accomplishing.

Planning a fitness schedule 6 months will allow for a long term outline of what you want to achieve each month and can lead to radical results whereas a couple of weeks you can provide smaller yet effective changes such as lowering heart rate, reducing fatigue and firming areas of your body will be made. If weight loss or fitness is to be achieved in this short amount of time then a boot camp is the best option for seeing those results.

Find exercises that will be most beneficial and that you will enjoy It can take a while to find exercises you enjoy, so it’s good to try a range of classes to ensure you find something you are most likely to continue with. Fitness camps are ideal as you can try out a number of exercises and fitness and dance classes in a short time. This will leave more time to get the results you want.

Understanding fitness and the impact certain exercises have on your body is essential to tailoring your plan to target parts of your body you want to improve.

Nutrition Nutrition plays a big part in both losing weight and getting fit so it’s essential to get it right. Avoid faddy diets, weight loss meals and processed food and focus on getting the correct balance of nutritional content to maintain blood sugar levels and provide enough energy throughout the day.

There is a lot of information online which can be confusing so check our website for tips and recipes from health professionals.

Our fitness camps have nutritional therapists and kitchen staff on site that provide delicious, healthy food while offering invaluable advise, cookery workshops and demonstrations.

Things to keep in mind It is important to remain focus and not get stressed when life gets in the way, any change is good even if it’s just correcting bad eating habits and doing 20 minutes of exercise so remain motivated. Improving your fitness levels and nutrition is a big, positive step and it is important to find what fits best in your life and works best for you.

Remember that fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle so find a plan that will work for you after the event to continue all the hard work!

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