Posted on 2 Nov 2016

Get to know Matthew Rankmore, FitFarms Nutritionist Chef

My name is Matthew Rankmore, I have been a chef now for 7 years. My intention was never to be a chef although I have always had a passion for food since being forced into watching ready steady cook as a child (mum loved it). But I wanted to be a professional rugby player, unfortunately, an injury stopped me from going professional.

Anyway, I was 15 and washing pots and pans in my Uncle’s restaurant called The Six Bells, nice country ala carte restaurant situated just a few miles from my house. One shift the Chef De Partie who was in charge of the starter and desert section failed to arrive for his shift, it was Christmas time and we were extremely busy. My Uncle came to inform the chefs that he had not turned up for his shift and then told me I had to take his place, I refused, he then said if I didn’t cover his section I wouldn’t have a job, I had to oblige as I didn’t want to lose my job or my small income I was making.

I was very nervous and well out of my comfort zone but I had been watching the chefs cook and plate the dishes for some time so I fell on my feet naturally and absolutely nailed it! From that day the chef was sacked and I was employed.

I remained at my Uncle’s restaurant for 1 year while I was in college, I later went onto gain an apprenticeship with the Marriot hotel and then later worked in Bordeaux in France and also Rome, Italia.

In my years of experience, I have gained a level 1, 2 & 3 in Catering and Hospitality, Young chef award 2010, and my most proud achievement of a Michelin Award which was awarded to me January this year.

I have recently started a new career path in nutritional cooking and health values of food and I LOVE it!

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