Posted on 15 Oct 2016

Get Motivated with our Fitness Holiday Classes in FitFarms Derbyshire

Fitness holiday Cycling DerbyshireWhen you come on one of our fitness holiday retreats our aim is to give you a taste of a variety of types of fitness classes so that you will find something that you enjoy doing and feel motivated to continue improving your fitness after the holiday is over. Here is a quick look at some of the classes and activities our clients did at our most recent FitFarms holiday in Derbyshire.

Intro to Exercise

This is usually the first class we do at the beginning of every fitness holiday. The instructor will go through some of the most common exercises, teaching correct and safe technique and finding adaptations to meet everyone’s abilities. If you are new to exercise you’ll feel much more confident after this class.

Circuit Training

This is a really fun and fast paced class. The instructor picks a variety of exercises and creates different “stations” around the room. You move around in pairs doing each of the exercises for a set amount of time. It never gets boring because you are always switching stations.

Aerobics and Dance

These classes combine dance and cardio exercises into easy-to-follow routines set to music. This is a great way to push yourself because you end up thinking more about the music and the moves and don’t realise how hard you are working!


Even though yoga classes are much slower paced than many of our other classes don’t think it’s too easy! Yoga helps improve flexibility and mobility, which are just as important aspects of fitness as things like strength and endurance. The yoga classes strike a good balance between being challenging and relaxing.


You don’t have to have any experience at badminton to enjoy it - it is very easy to pick up. You can choose to just have a knock around without keeping score or to get stuck into the competition. This is another activity where you don’t realise how hard you are working because its so much fun.


The Derbyshire holiday retreat is located close to the Tissington Trail - a lovely cycle path free from cars and we usually get the chance to cycle for a few hours here during the week. Don’t worry if you can’t ride a bike, the trail is also a lovely place to go for a walk.

All of these activities are fun and can be adapted to find a good level of challenge for your current fitness levels.

So come and join us for your next holiday!

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