Posted on 27 Jun 2017

Fitness Routine at FitFarms Camping in Malvern

MalvernBelow is a session plan from one of our routines this week at camping.. hope you all enjoy it..

Warm up using mobility work for the hips shoulders and ankles (we have videos for these on you tube if you need some ideas)

Tabata circuit:

Shoulder press (using resistance band or dumbbells)

Kettlebell swing

Press ups

4 x 20 seconds wrk 10 seconds rest (6 minute round)

Rest for 1 minute (repeat 1-2 more times if you wish)

Floor back extensions

Clean and press with kettlebell

Floor dips into bridge

1-3 rounds, 2 minutes per exercise with one minute rest between each set(9 minute rounds). As many reps as poss of each exercise working to failure recovering and carrying on with in the 2 minutes aim to keep total reps for each exercise as close as possible for all rounds.

Flow exercise..

Move from one position to the next in sequence without breaking the flow..

Start in press up ready position,

Lower down to the floor as in first movement of a press up, hold for 2 seconds just off the floor..

Leading with shoulders peel the upper body off the floor first followed through by the hips hyper flex the hips (so lift the hips high into the air as if a bad press up position)...

Pause for 2-3 seconds ....

Swoop down as in a Hindu press hips high arms flexed and lowering the shoulders towards the floor (only dip as low as you are strong enough to control) from there push back up into the starting press up position but lifting one leg up into the runners lunge position...

Hold here for 2-3 seconds....

Lift the opposite arm to your forward leg up toward the ceiling rotating through the torso into the windmill position...

Hold here for 2-3 seconds....

Return hand to previous position on floor at same time as returning forward leg...

Placing you back into a press up position hold for 2-3 seconds...

Complete with opposite arm and leg...

Repeat this flow continuously for 5-6 minutes resting initially if necessary but ideally without rest

This session works towards mobility cv fitness and endurance.. check out our videos if you need a demonstration and contact us if you need any help or just to let us know how you've gotten on

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