Posted on 2 Jan 2016

Fitness New Years Resolutions

Who has a New Years resolution to do with exercise? Or plans to make a fresh start with exercise and "clean eating"... Me to. This time, I'm going to stick to them thou, because thanks to working at FitFarms and learning from so many other people having the same or similar problems to mine, I have realised now where I was going wrong. Year after year, time after time I would set out to make it happen and I would see some great results, sometimes! But eventually every time I would fail or things would get in the way and I wouldn't be able to adapt. But not this time! Because as I said I now know where I was going wrong. I was too motivated, I waited until I wanted it too much and I needed it to happen over night, then I set about having the greatest week of my life as far as exercise and eating right go. I was so determined and motivated! I gave that week everything I had! (Sometimes it would last longer, but I think saying a week gets the point across).

So this time, I am making a patient plan, I have no intention of making this a quick fix, or trying to get results as quickly as possible. This time, I'm working on correcting things from the ground up, I'm getting my aches and pains fixed and I'm incorporating recovery work and planning monthly changes to my routine to try to cater for more advances, I'm even going plan my routines and my food intake, not too strictly but just enough that I regain something I've lost along the way... Control! I don't know if this will work for me as effectively as just getting my head down and working as hard as I used to, but the truth is I can't do that anymore! And if I keep trying then I simply will not succeed, so I need to adapt. So my New Years resolution is not to succeed but to begin again, a complete change in direction! In my way of thinking!

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