Posted on 13 Mar 2023

Fitness Camp Training at FitFarms

Fitness Camp Endurance Training

FitFarms Fitness Camp Endurance Training

Endurance training is training with the aim to increase your breathing and heart rate, training your aerobic system, and overall improving your fitness.  It further increases health in your heart and lungs and prevents common disease like diabetes.

We use endurance training at FitFarms as it helps to build stamina. Which is important in upkeeping your lifestyle change, it slowly trains your body to uphold longer exercise routines, increasing your physical fitness.

At FitFarms we believe in lifestyle change or improvement rather than immediate results that can't be maintained in your day to day lives and endurance training is a key part of that.

The four types of endurance training include aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, speed endurance and strength endurance. Aerobic endure is the act of exercising at a moderate intensity for long periods of time. For example swimming or jogging, exercises like these increase and improve your stamina and health condition.

Most of our sites at FitFarms include a swimming pool on site or nearby the site and we try to include these in your week schedule, as it’s a great full body exercise which isn’t too intense for the start of your fitness journey.

Anaerobic endurance training is faster and higher intensity exercise. It doesn’t use oxygen like aerobic exercise, rather for energy it breaks down glucose from your muscles. An example of anaerobic endurance we use at FitFarms are HIIT workouts (videos made by our FitFarms team available on YouTube), which we always use in your schedule as its great for maintaining muscle and weight loss.

Speed endurance is maintaining a high intensity of exercise for a long period of time. For example marathon running, this being a more intense form of exercise we don’t tend to use it on site as much as other types of endurance but we aim to increase your fitness level to get to that point.

Strength endurance training is exercise with a high number of repetitions at low weights, not training with maximum strength but maximum  repetition. The main aim of strength endurance being increasing muscle strength.

So how do you start endurance training? Starting with a fitness programme is always key, it's important to remember to always start off with low intensity and work your way up to see improvement in your ability.

The main types of endurance training we use at FitFarms is aerobic endurance and anaerobic endurance. If your starting at a low fitness level to begin with these are easy forms of exercise to maintain and build up intensity with.

Picking up swimming or jogging and slowly increasing the intensity and durance of these will give you a key starting point for aerobic endurance training. With anaerobic, following the FitFarms HIIT workout videos or doing some of your own are easy to fit into your day to day schedules. Ether through a P.T or just at home it’s an easy, accessible way to uphold exercise in your routine, especially as it's not time consuming.

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