Posted on 20 Sep 2018

FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat Spain

spain fitfarms march 2017Today is action packed at FitFarms Spain Weight Loss retreat. The early morning work out has been completed and there were alot of smiles on people's faces. Personally I feel when people get to this time of the week they start to see the finish line. This isn't just a phew we are almost there but I feel people can feel the increase in their fitness levels and generally have more energy which brings on the smiles.

It's action packed today because the smiley coach man is coming to pick us up again and take us to the local beach at Inskajar.  There is a huge lake there so huge it's the largest lake in Andalucia which is ideal for our weight loss retreat activities. There is a natural beach on the lake which makes it great for water sports. The last time we did this back in June it was really popular. The water is extremely clear and in some parts you can see to the bottom of the lake. It's a more fun exercise activity but it's a great workout and keeping exercise fun is what it's all about.

Iznajar really is a dramatic place. There is a white washed village that is high up and it literally looks like the whole village is sitting on a rock. All the shops and houses are white and there's an amazing church right at the top of the village. One of our FitFarms weight loss retreat walks starts at the bottom of the village and the group wind there way through the Spanish streets up to the top. We then take about 20 minutes break which is needed plus it gives everyone the opportunity to look around the village. Once the 20 minutes are up we then start our descent down the other side of the village to meet our smiley bus man at the bottom of the hill. It really is quite a breathtaking walk.

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