Posted on 24 Jan 2020

FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat New Faces

**53e730b0-8fa2-4467-86ee-0d6617cd8e96****New Year New You New Faces**

The FitFarms Weight loss retreat courses start up on 31st January in Matlock Derbyshire and we have lots of excited people raring to get stuck in.

This year though the raring people waiting to get stuck in are not just the customers we have a few new faces on the fitness retreat health team and my god are they keen. The keen new faces will be supported by our already great instructors and I know they will bond well together.

We are extremely lucky to now be working with my friend Justin Lord who is most famous for being the Health Guru for ITV along with Channel 5 and television channels in Dubai. Justin brings a wealth of knowledge and a very forward thinking modern approach to the FitFarms weight loss and fitness retreat.

The schedule for the next course was sent through last night and I can honestly say I've never been so excited to start a FitFarms course. This isn't just because of the exercises, workshops and new nutrition programme it's more to do with who will be delivering them. When we are in Derbyshire we always have the pleasure of working with Kim who is our dance instructor well actually she's much more than that... she covers nearly every aspect of fitness and when Stephen (me) needs something or has forgotten something she has always been by my side to help. The other great dance instructor we have is our very own Latino Bruno who expertly delivers our salsa classes which everyone finds a complete joy to take part in. Both have been working with FitFarms for over 7 years so are extremely well rehearsed in what they do and no class ever seems to be the same even over so many years.

Justin has brought a mini team with him which personally I love because they all know how each other work and all work so well together.

Justin's Chef - Niall

Extremely creative making the most amazing tasty raw deserts which is super healthy because mainly they have not been through a cooking process so are much more nutrient dense. Expect the new dishes to be full of colour and very artistic. Just look at the photo below it simply does look too good to be so healthy! Niall is also great to chat with and loves sharing his fantastic food tips with anyone and everyone.


Justin's Yogi - Hailey

Hailey covers many different health areas including yoga, spinning and is even a Master NLP Coach (Neuro - Linguistic Programming). I haven't worked with Hailey  but from what I understand that even though Hailey is multi talented Hailey's great skill is being Hailey. Forever positive with an infectious smile which is just the person you need to be working with and delivering Retreats to you the customer.


7 more sleeps until 31st January it's like Christmas all over again but with the weight loss instead of gain!

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