Posted on 14 Oct 2017

FitFarms Weight Loss Retreat Lunge Demonstration

Today we are giving you tips on how to complete a lunge which is demonstrated by Andy Baker who is the Health Manager at FitFarms. Rebecca the FitFarms sports therapist is giving the commentary and technique suggestions so the exercise can be carried out at home. This particular exercise is being completed at the FitFarms fitness holiday which is based near Blandford Forum in Dorset.

The lunge is a lower body exercise which we use alot on the FitFarms fitness holidays because it works not one but many lower body muscles and also has the extra bonus of training your core at the same time.

The main targeted muscles that will be trained are glutes, calf musscles, hamstrings and quadriceps.

When completing a lunge set up as you would do with a squat making sure your feet are shoulder width apart.

Then put one leg back and bend your knee.

You will see that the arms are in front for balance and the front leg will be supporting the movement.

Please make sure your movement is slow and controlled keeping the back straight.

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