Posted on 31 May 2019

FitFarms Weight loss Fitness Retreat Spain

IMG-0473We are gearing up for another week at FitFarms Spain weight loss retreat in the Olive hills of Andalucia. The team caught flights from London Gatwick this time at midday and landed at 4pm Spain time. We then jumped into the mini bus and made our way through the Olive hills to Iznajar a pretty town perched on top of a hill.

FitFarms has a great relationship with the villa manager and he kindly let us stay on site for free so we can make preparations before the course starts on Saturday. Fitness Balls, Kettlebells, resistance bands, yoga mats, boxing gloves, fitness and nutrition testing make up some of the equipment which we store at the Spanish FitFarms weight loss retreat.

The week is action packed with beach workouts, lake walks, trip to Sierra Nevada mountain rage for a gorge walk, Granada sight seeing and not forgetting a jammed full class style programme ranging for yoga to boxing. It’s going to be hot though and I mean hot, over 30 degrees on some days but don’t worry we have a cunning exercise programme!

One of FitFarms' main strength has always been having a fantastic team because we thoroughly believe that this is what makes the course. We've just finished a course in Derbyshire where we had many returning guests and one of the returners said "this may be the best team yet". The lady in question has been 11 times to FitFarms starting from 2009 so she has seen a lot of different teams. I think the strength of this team is the variety of different exercises they can deliver and also their personalities complement each other.

Wishing all our guests a safe flight and don’t forget to pack the sun cream, drink lots of water and become prepared to have a great time at FitFarms Spain in the glorious sunshine.

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