Posted on 29 Jun 2021

FitFarms Weight Loss Boot Camp Retreat New Improved Programme

The last year has been very unusual at the FitFarms weight loss boot camp. One thing which always seems to happen on the retreats is that the standard seems to rise. Even through the unusual lockdown period the busy team made changes. Improving the programme in all areas so when we returned we hit the track running.

The main team now consist of Justin Lord, David Morgan, Kim Robinson, Andrea Cross and Sarah Baker. We are in an extremely lucky position that Justin Lord and David Morgan hold the most qualifications and experience that we have ever had at FitFarms. Over the companies 14 year period we have not been able to work with two people who deliver the retreat to such a standard. The courses are full of energy, creative exercises and a mental wellbeing backdrop to the programme which is another added course benefit.

So far this year we have run three courses which is unusual because we would have usually run 12 courses by June but Covid-19 has slowed us down. They have all been full and a great success. There was even an online review stating that the programme should be a must for everyone to help with the growing NHS obesity. The NHS obesity costs has risen again to 9.7 billion with the overall cost being estimated at 27 billion.

Wellbeing Retreat Not A Boot Camp

We have always had a wellness side to the FitFarms course but we were nervous of making the course a bit fluffy as we are aware the main reason for the programme is weight loss / body fat loss. For the first time Justin and Dave manage to balance the course on the knife edge of 'lets burn some body fat' and 'lets improve are overall mental and physical wellbeing'. The early morning wake up the body and mind sessions are invigorating and the only way to start the day.

The next available course is not until the end of the summer now but there are more spaces available in the Autumn months.

Keep fit and healthy

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